frequently asked questions:

Q1: What is the tri?

A1: Technically? The tri is an NGO, Non-Governmental Organization, with a 501(c)(3) designation. But, ideologically? Philosophically, physically? The tri is an organization comprised of human beings and businesses who are working for the betterment of mankind and not as a detriment. We are of all colors, races, creeds, and beliefs, but we are aligned with the same principles of truth, equality, diversity, empathy, compassion, integrity, peace, emotion, responsibility, community and accountability.  We are comprised of the many that have become conscious of the world around us and have taken on the task of awakening the rest from the sea of unconsciousness we have been swimming in far too long.

Q2: How can I get involved?

A2: John Lennon said it best, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” We know that. We understand that. Some people will have hours to volunteer, some will have funds they can afford to donate, and those that have neither can play an even more vital role. One of the messenger. Spread the word, plant the seed, help us build a better tomorrow today by sharing, tweeting, posting, linking and emailing the messages we are trying to extend. Everyone can participate in our future.

Q3: Is there a way to sign up for information or newsletter?

A3: Yes, please take the time to follow us on all social media platforms. Reach is the ultimate asset for implements of change. In addition, please subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage. We promise we don’t spam and the only stuff we send is really, really interesting.

Q4: Is the tri a 501(c)(3) non-profit, meaning that any donations are tax deductible?

A4: Why yes, glad you asked. The tri is a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible per the guidelines set forth by the IRS. You will receive a receipt with your donation for your own tax records. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at donations@thetri.org

Q5: Who started the tri, and when?

A5: About a decade ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs realized that through our businesses we could create positive socio-economic change in society.  Further, that our organic brands awarded us a platform which could be used to create awareness for a new kind of organization; a collective, non-profit entity which could inspire, educate and empower our and the next generations to use their resources with the intention for good.

Q6: How can I start a tri affiliate on my college campus or in my city?

A6: This is a movement inspired by and dedicated to the youth of tomorrow. We are actively looking for the tomorrow’s youth to take the reigns of our future by the hand. If you are interested in finding out more about how to start a tri affiliate chapter on your campus, please contact us at seedlings@thetri.org

If you are an active conscious individual who is dedicated to being part of the solution, rather than the problem, and you’d like more information about starting a community tri affiliate to improve your local area, please contact us at saplings@thetri.org

Q7: Is the tri a political party or affiliated with one?

A7: In short, “no,” the tri is not a political party or affiliated with any. We like to think of ourselves as a party of individuals of all walks of life and affiliations. We are the logical. we are the rational. The empathetic. We are the Conscious Party. We are those who have seen beyond party affiliation and towards a future where we all consider ourselves part of the same party. Do we ask that you renounce or disavow any political party? Quite the contrary. We’d like you to learn, as well as educate in this forum we have created and then take that message of coexistence back to your party of affiliation and spread it within. The only way to bring us together in a peaceful future is through pacifism, not the insurrection of extremism. We must be the messengers of change, not conquistadors.

Q8: Is the tri a cult?

A8: A cult is a religious-based group or organization of people. The tri is an organization of individuals and businesses devoid of religious affiliation. We are comprised of people of all faiths and beliefs. We choose not to divide ourselves by those beliefs, but rather join together in the common principles that they have instilled in us.

Q9: What’s the meaning of life?

A9: We don’t have all the answers, yet. But, caring, understanding and coexisting in a society of people who respect each other, the Earth and all its life, seems like a pretty good step in the right direction of discovering just what the meaning of life is.

Q10: What’s the next step?

A10: Wake up. Educate yourself. Inspire, empower and motivate those around you. Use this site as a tool in that process. Spread the word. Share the knowledge. Participate in this reality. Become conscious and help those who are still slumbering gain cnsciousness as well.