Kiss The Ground Book – an eye-opening look into the impact of the current harvesting and growing techniques used for mass food production.

“Kiss The Ground” is a eye-opening look into the impact of the current harvesting and growing techniques used for mass food production. The narrative explores the last 100 years of our agriculture development and our journey into the current techniques and approaches that have largely contributed to the climate and health issues we are facing today.  Author Josh Tickle provides numerous graphics and studies that clearly back up his claims. What is most noteworthy is Josh’s ability to not only uncover the problem but provide applicable solutions. This book isn’t a doom and gloom piece it’s a beacon of hope as it points us toward the thriving future of regenerative agriculture.

We don’t have another generation to wait to address the challenges laid out by “Kiss The Ground”. The current state of agro-politics, our relationship to soil, and cutting corners for quick production all must be diligently acted upon. The wonderful solutions laid out in the book are relatable and applicable. It reads with a feeling of inspiration as one learns about the innovations and alternatives to our current agriculture practices. The answer is simple and requires us to work WITH nature rather than AGAINST her.

We tend to look at soil as dirt. Like it’s a kind of filthy nuisance. In actuality soil is not dirt, soil is alive… soil is LIFE. Healthy soil is teeming with microorganisms, nutrients, and carbon. Yes, CARBON. That same pesky particle that is overwhelming our atmosphere actually belongs in the soil. We have in our last 100 years moved 880 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere. This not only affects our air, and temperature of the planet but also causes ocean acidification as its absorbed into the waters.  Lucky for us the depleted and dying soils that bare the roots of modern agriculture are hungry for carbon.

“The way we grow our food, fiber, and fuel either puts carbon up in the atmosphere or… it pulls it down into the ground. The regeneration of soil is the task of our generation. Our health, the health of our soils, and the health of our planet are one in the same.” – Ryland Englehart owner of cafe gratitude and co-founder of Kiss the ground

So the problem is the solution. As we care for our food production properly and alter our growing techniques to nurture the soil, we sequester carbon. The carbon aids the health of the plants and the healthy plants nourish us.  This closed-loop cycle of soil stewardship is an essential key to our ability to sustain life on planet earth.

While this revolution in agriculture requires farmers to get on board, Josh provides plenty of solution-oriented actions we can all take on a daily basis to make a difference. The book even includes a practical “To-Do” list at the end that guides the reader in becoming an ambassador of regenerative solutions. The greatest power we have to influence big ag farmers is us. Big business will respond to the demand of its consumers. This enlightening perspective gives us the power to vote with our actions, our time, and our dollars.

We must be accountable to the mistakes and misguided practices of our predecessors.  We all have the power to make a difference. If you are interested in being a part of the solution, we highly recommend reading “Kiss The Earth”. Josh Tickell’s clear talent for environmental journalism and his fascinating collection of interviewees makes for a real page-turner. A light read, with a heavy message this book is definitely conscious party approved!

written by Ernesto Borges