Peace guardians shaping our future leaders

The tri is an organic network of conscious people and sustainable organizations working together to shape our future. We can not shape our future without our future generations. It is the youth in our midst that are the true catalyst for a new way. In every moment they are learning as they observe our actions and choices. Whether you have children or not, you are setting an example for our future leaders. That is why we must think of the earth’s children as we cultivate the social and environmental standards of a new conscious culture. If we continue down paths of domination and disconnection that put self-interests first, then what kind of future are we leaving for them. What broken pieces are we sweeping under the rug and leaving for the next generation to fix? One thing is clear. If we don’t think about them, they will never forget us!  

Our dear friends at Peace Guardians are shifting the paradigm of youth enrichment education. Through their enrichment programs they provide the training, tools and resources for our future generations to become ambassadors of peace for themselves, their communities and the world. Peace Guardians are cultivating a network of parents, educators, and leaders who are devoted to the art of whole child development. They recognize that teachers in our school systems are being pigeon holed to an outdated system that does not serve the development of the whole child. Our children are being stripped of their childhood, forced into desks, medicated if they don’t sit still, and then judged by their ability to repeat information.

It’s no wonder we have seen such a rise in violence, depression, and anxiety among the youth of today. They are not given the proper environment or conditions to cultivate their thriving. The current school system structure was developed in the age of the industrial revolution, but we are not living in that era. We are not a generation of factory workers, we are a generation of creators. We are living in the age of technology and information. To be successful in today’s world requires ingenuity, creative problem solving, and service to others. Peace Guardians is picking up the slack of our outdated school system by giving the youth an opportunity to develop the skills and qualities necessary for being a leader in this new era.

Peace Guardians proclaims that being a leader doesn’t require one to be followed by others, nor does it require one to be extroverted in nature. They believe that true leadership is about how you show up for yourself, your planet and your community. A leader recognizes their own innate connection to all that is, and is willing to challenge themselves to grow and become their best selves.

The Peace Guardians deliver two main enrichment program offerings: The Guardians Quest, and KinFlow. The eight core values of Peace Guardians (Wonder, Trust, Creativity, Passion, Vulnerability, Courage, Vision and Purpose)  provide the framework for their enrichment programs. Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, each value represents a stage of the hero’s journey and ultimately guides the students in a transformation cycle of self-discovery and self-mastery.  Each chapter of the program corresponds with supporting activities that allow the child to uniquely embody that value within themselves.

Their programs have been rooted in the Los Angeles community for the last couple years and now the team is working to expand their reach nationally. They are taking their Guardians Quest enrichment program online and plan to release their new online platform this fall. They are also creating a teacher training program to expand their physical KinFlow and Guardians Quest Enrichment programs across the country. They have put together a crowdfund campaign to help them grow their vision and succeed in their mission. They are calling on the community to “vote with their dollars” for our future generations.

Here is their Go Found Me page for you to support: