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the all-in-one app for green living

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share your voice, join the global community of leaders changing this planet for the better and get rewarded with one-of-a-kind experiences and goods from your favorite organic brands
The Tri App


the tri app provides unique features to activate your sustainable lifestyle. take action toward making the world a better, greener place — and get rewarded for it. get tips firsthand from our sustainability experts, or discover the community of changemakers already growing around you

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people. planet. profit. take daily actions that influence your world. volunteer at a food shelter, start a compost bin, shop locally or do something awesome

the tri app channels


our sustainability experts share best practices in the areas of mindfulness, zero waste, vegan recipes, environmental activism and much more

the tri app community section


join the green living community growing around you, connect with friends or share your ideas and start your own group

the tri app challenges section


take a series of steps and actions to learn and grow, and get reward with amazing products and one-of-a-kind experiences